FirstOrder Secretarial for Jersey

We are excited to announce the launch of FirstOrder Secretarial Jersey.

We have been working closely with PKF BBA (who will be utilising FirstOrder Secretarial Jersey) to ensure full compatibility with Jersey company secretarial administration.

FirstOrder Secretarial Jersey will be fully compatible with (although not limited to) Jersey companies, to allow your to administer your company portfolio.

Key Features

  • £5.00 – £15.00 per company per year. No contract.
  • Web based software. No maintenance or installations required
  • Administer Jersey & UK companies.
  • Automatic annual return population and bulk production.
  • Statutory registers fully maintained and held electronically.
  • Minutes & resolutions to carry the signatures which authenticate all common transactions.
  • Automatic population of Jersey registry (C) forms.
  • All copies of documents are permanently stored and organised for easy retrieval within the cloud based library.
  • Company formation creation for UK companies available for electronic submission with Companies House.
  • Seamless transfer of completed formations to secretarial, including memorandum & articles and certificate of incorporation.
  • Accommodates any special share transaction (splits, conversion, buy backs etc).
  • Dedicated helpline with free help and support.
  • A free half day training session for all new clients.


1 -100 Companies £15.00 per company p/a
101-200 Companies £12.00 per company p/a
201-300 Companies £10.00 per company p/a
301-400 Companies £8.00 per company p/a
401-500 Companies £6.00 per company p/a
500 + Companies £5.00 per company p/a

Free Demo

We will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation demo. Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a convenient date and time.