Planned Enhancements – 21st April, 2017

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We are enhancing FirstOrder to make it even easier to populate your formation details, plus also making (or amending) new ‘Person’ entries within the Secretarial system. This will result in the ability to add a ‘Person’ as a specific type, which will in turn enable FirstOrder to automatically create the register pages. We hope you will benefit from these enhancements, and of course as always your feedback is welcomed. These changes are due to be implemented on Friday, 21st April 2017.


  • Appointment type – You will now see options to choose your appointment type, making it easier to make your selection. The default selection is ‘Person’ which will be an individual. As you change the selection the screens will be much more intuitive and only display relevant fields for completion
  • Joint shareholder – If selected you will be informed that this option is not permitted on incorporation
  • Company (RLE) – As explained above, the fields to enter the company details will be activated on selection
  • Client company – Any companies that exist within your Secretarial portfolio will become available to select via a drop down box. When a company is selected the information used will be based on the company details stored within the Secretarial system.
  • Firm – A new feature to enter a ‘Firm’. This is for foreign companies which don’t have to maintain a PSC register of their own. The firm can have significant control but it is not an RLE. Instead, every individual or RLE who has ultimate control over the firm is reportable. The address is not filed at Companies House but does appear on statutory registers. The first named person’s details will be the company contact for the purpose of formation and this person must have their “three in seven” security codes entered (eye colour etc) if they are a subscriber
  • Trust or Estate – If selected you will be informed that this option is not permitted on incorporation
  • Legal person – This options covers special roles in a company, for example “Prime minister” or “The Archbishop of Canterbury”.


The additional options above will apply to all ‘Persons’ held within your database, so even if you do not incorporate your companies though us (and we’d love to have you on board!)please read this guidance so you can fully benefit from the new features. You will note that joint shareholders & trusts are not available for incorporation purposes, but these options become available post incorporation.

  • Joint shareholder – To add joint shareholders a ‘Person’ entry must be entered into the system first if they do not already exist. Once/if the Person exists they will become available via the drop down boxes that are activated once the Joint shareholder optoopn has been selected
  • Trust or Estate – The selection of ‘Trust or Estate’ will activate the fields relating to the trust or estate and trustees. Like joint shareholders a ‘Person’ entry must be entered first which will then be available via the drop down boxes. The information entered will be replicated within the PSC register, with the trustees of the trust listed automatically which greatly improves this functionality as trustee entry was a manual process in the previous version

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If you have any questions relating to the changes, or how the Secretarial system benefits from integration with Company Formations please get in touch.

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