Changes to FirstOrder – 8th November 2017

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We are committed to improving FirstOrder and ensuring your stored information remains compliant with any new legislation or technical changes.

Over the coming months we will be implementing new features based on your feedback. The first implementation will be relatively small, which will ensure we meet the technical requirements relating to the PSC Register, plus fix an issue with multiple SH01 submissions.

PSC Register – Date entered in register

Companies House now require us to submit a ‘date entered in register’ entry on forms PSC01-07, as the date could be different to an allotment or transfer of shares date. In almost all cases we believe this dates will be the same so this will be the default position, however a ‘date entered in register’ field will be added in the rare case the date is different. This can be entered via the allotment & Transfer entry pages:-

Fix: Multiple SH01 submissions

Where multiple share allotments have been made on the same day in the same class and for the same price per share, a single SH01 will be submitted for the total. This is available by selecting the multiple share allotments within the Filing Centre, which will then be combined into one submission/form.


Next Release

Our next release will include the ability to print all registers, as opposed to printing each individual register page which is the current situation.

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